How I coach

Holistic and Transformational Coaching


When people feel strong and resilient

physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,

they obtain a much higher performance.


Each day, Science discovers more and more about who we are. The reality is that we know very little about ourselves.

 Your body is extremely sophisticated:

50 trillion cells partnering 24/7 
200,000 temperature detectors

500,000 touch sensors
10,000,000 color pointers
50,000 sent detectors

This power is available to you

Millenniums of research teach us that your power is best harnessed by  developing yourself  through 4 dimensions: 

Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit .
Think of it as the 4 legs of a chair, remove one leg and it becomes unstable. Each leg is important.

I propose to bring into your life this 4-dimensional view:

Heart : Emotional Stability

Mind : Mental Strength

Body : Physical Stamina

Spirit : Directional Clarity

This Holistic approach aims to connect you with your inner flow and climb higher than you have ever done.

#Heart: We are wired for connection. Equipped with many external and internal detectors which allow for powerful human communication. How do I want to connect with others?

#Mind: You are built to learn. Your mind is a powerful tool which serves you when used appropriately. What do I want to learn?

#Body: Treating your body well – Stay healthy. How do I treat myself?

#Spirit: What do I want to create in my life? What excites you? What are you ready to stand for?

My coaching considers each of these 4 dimensions as a key to reach High Performance.

Corporate Coaching

You are made of cells.

And so is your company: a living body made of a multitude of cells.

I coach in the same way. See more on my corporate coaching with services such as Executive coaching

The Global Performance Index

The GPI is a holistic profiler  I have developed while  working with Elite athletes .

It includes 40+ markers of your own self-performance.

At the beginning of each coaching journey, the coachee complete their own GPI. They answer a detailed and all-encompassing questionnaire to better understand where they are in the 4 dimensions Mind – Body – Heart and Spirit.

At the end of their coaching journey, they complete the GPI once more. Coachees can measure and directly observe by themselves the changes they have completed.

The GPI addresses one of the most important issues in the coaching industry: being able to actually  measure the impact of coaching .


Biofeedback is a brilliant tool to connect the dots between the physical, emotional and mental states. To do so, I use Heart Rate Variability (HRV). As a direct indicator of Autonomic Nervous System activity, HRV is now considered to be the most important non-invasive biomarker. Unlike basic Heart Rate (HR) which counts the number of heart beats per minute, HRV looks at the exact changes in time between successive heartbeats.

heart rate variability and measure coaching