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Working with a coach who will deeply appreciate your potential is critical.
I have therefore decided to implement a free initial coaching session.
It gives us an opportunity to do a first coaching session and assess if we are meant to work together.

Business Coaching

“Companies can’t afford to only address their employees’ cognitive capacities while ignoring their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. ​​

When people feel strong and resilient – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually- they perform better and longer.”

T Schwartz

When companies are purpose-driven, people-oriented and value-focused, they outperform.

  • After 15 years in International Corporate Companies, I know how lonely Leaders feel and the energy it takes to deliver while maintianing your mental health.
  • As a trainer, I have delivered multiple training sessions over the years and realised that employees have a deep desire to use their talents.
  • With a passion for innovation,  I am a developer and love to bring unexpected approaches in the coaching space.
  • As a coach, I bring my financial expertise, innovation skills, and my performance drive.

I work with people because they want improvements.

They want results.

Together we achieve big swings

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“The aim is to not only experience peak performance in our own lives but to create a legacy and achieve fulfillment in the process.”

Alex Kergall