Leadership Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Many organizations have traditionally considered coaching to be a high-cost investment dedicated to developing  Executives .

This view has recently taken a  180-degree  shift. Businesses now offer coaching programs across their talent pool – with a stronger focus on coaching young emerging leaders.

Millennials and members of Generation Z greatly value development opportunities such as coaching. Many of them are looking for the support to equip them for success – in the workplace and in their personal life.

“Companies and senior management teams that are most aligned with millennials in terms of purpose, culture and professional development are likely to attract and retain the best millennial talent and, in turn, potentially achieve better financial performance. Loyalty must be earned, and the vast majority of millennials are prepared to move, and move quickly, for a better workplace experience. ”

Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018

Everest Coaching Program

Everest facts:

  • 29,029 feet / 8848 meters

  • 30%: the Success rate of climbers reaching the top of Mount Everest

  • 1953: Everest’s summit was reached for the first time, by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

  • 80 years hold: The oldest person to reach the top – Yuichiro Miura from Japan in 2013

  • 13 years hold: The youngest person to reach the top – Jordan Romero from USA in 2010

What is the Everest Program?

Who is this for?

  • You are a corporate High Performer who is aiming for bigger shoes – Perfect for C- suite preparation.
  • You are transitioning to a new role – new Managing Director, regional or country Director.

What does it involve?

  • The individual path: One-to-one coaching program which takes place over the course of 3 to 6 months
  • The Team path: ‘Squad Emerging Leaders’ is a one-to-one coaching & group coaching program which also takes place over the course of the 3  to 6 months

Objective of the program:

  • Find your Leadership style: Raise self-awareness to find what works well for them & their environment.
  • Identify your blind spots and limiting beliefs
  • Raise your communication skills: Raise their ability to be fully present and authentic – develop your influence abilities.
  • Become a “Leader as a coach”: Develop Coaching skills to create powerful interaction with your peers.

How does it work?

  • Talents receive 6 to 12 one-to-one coaching sessions / Team coaching sessions or a mix depending on the needs.
  • Delivery of the Individual Global Performance Index
  • Group sessions are scheduled (up to 10 talents per group) – Delivery of the Team Global Performance Index
  • Integration of Biofeedback