After more than a decade in the corporate world, I have come to realize that employees typically forget what they have learned during conventional training and return to their usual routine. The training, which is there to induce change and growth, often misses the target.

Ticking the box to deliver traditional training will most likely have an undesirable impact. Employees in 2019 expect a more customized approach.

Introducing: 'Traiching'

Traiching is a term coined by myself which includes targeted workshops followed by individual coaching sessions.

What is Traiching?

Traiching is a new service which stands between training and coaching.

What does Traiching include?

  • A fast-paced group workshop (90 minutes).

  • An individual coaching session for each participant (90 minutes).

  • A maximum of 8 participants.

Why invest in Traiching?

  • Workshops are action-oriented and memorable: They generate lasting changes and directly return on your investment.
  • After the workshop, 90 minutes of individual coaching imprint a deep change.
  • Traiching engages each individual at a deeper level and is a lot more effective than group training.
  • Each employee will have their Global Performance Index delivered, this will light up the path to action in relation to what was covered during the workshop.

Traiching programs available:

  • A holistic approach which leads to a total transformation of the team receieving the traiching
  • Mind: Innovation – Unique Value Proposition
  • Body: Processes – Execution
  • Heart: Internal & External stakeholders
  • Spirit: Vision, mission, Values

On demand Traiching:
Tailor your own Traiching program, perfectly aligned with your company culture and values.