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Measurable Transformation & Bespoke Executive Coaching

“I truly enjoyed working with Alex on some key professional issues. Alex has successfully managed to integrate perspective of Mind-Body-Heart and Spirit combined with a very result oriented approach.
In addition, Alex’s experience as a business person in the Sport industry brought even more value to our sessions. I will definitely lean on him again in the future.”
J.Laredo – Senior Vice President – EMEA – Lightspeed POS

Coaching The Leaders 
Who Will Shape Tomorrow’s World

Even European’s most successful C-suite cannot realize their full potential on their own.
That is why a  measurable approach  to Executive coaching through
the  GLOBAL PERFORMANCE INDEX ™   should be the investment that HR departments make.

Read on to hear how your Leaders will develop a lot faster.

My Approach

Millenniums teach us that your power is best harnessed by developing yourself through 4 dimensions: Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.

Think of it as the 4 legs of a chair, remove one leg and it becomes unstable.

I propose to bring to your life this 4-dimensional view of who you are!


Mind: Mental Strength

Body: Physical Stamina

Heart: Emotional Stability

Spirit: Directional Clarity


Through a  holistic view of performance , I focus on transforming areas across Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.

How is success

How do you measure the impact of your training and coaching investments?

Discover The Global Performace Index

A powerful tool to  measure the impact of coaching
The GLOBAL PERFORMANCE INDEX ™ is my unique method of measuring success.
It measures mental, physical emotional and spiritual progress
by asking a series of questions.
We start by running the GPI to quickly identify areas of focus
and hone in on areas for improvement.
Using the first GPI score as a benchmark,
we then run the GPI again to measure holistic progresses.

The Global Performance Index Measures
The Strength Of All 4 Legs


How Can I Develop Myself?

Build a powerful, resilient mind that is able to embrace change and focus on the things that will positively and continually transform your life.

Progress Measurement:

• Improves resilience and mental health
• Reduces stress
• Improves overall mental health
• Improves mental performance and cognition


How Do I Treat Myself?

Your Body and Mental healths are interconnected. Staying aware of your physical and emotional state of being is a powerful asset. Taking care of your health is the cornerstone of mental strength.

Progress Measurement:
Bio Feedback

• Optimizes training and recovery
• Fatigue reduces
• Maximizes energy and drive
• Increases productivity and output


How Do I Connect With Others?

We are wired for connection. The quality of our relationships both inspire and deplete us. Developing inner strength limits unhelpful comparisons with peers and makes you a stronger communicator, which fosters better relationships and contributes to more productive leadership.

Progress Measurement:

• Improves professional relationships to maximize company performance
• Improves communication both upwards and downwards
• Builds empathy and understanding to improve leadership style
• Enhances ability to effectively deal with difficult situations


Why Am I Doing What I Am Doing?

Be present; success is not reaching the destination, it is every minute of the journey, every learning of each decision. Enjoying the journey is a key ingredient to success and benefits all aspects of life.

Progress Measurement:

• Gives clarity of vision
• Ensures all efforts are driving towards a desired outcome
• Centers attention and focus

What is Bio Feedback?

Heart rate variability (HRV) is an accurate, non-invasive measure of the autonomic nervous system
HRV responds to how you exercise, recover, eat, sleep and perceive stress.
Measuring improvements in biofeedback further denotes progress for my clients.

heart rate variability and measure coaching
Inspired from Elite athletes coaching,
I coach Leaders with the absolute goal to ignite deep changes.
Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit are all connected.
By focusing on these 4 components, I help create the balance you need.
This holistic approach helps Executives to embrace who they fully are.
This is the foundation for deep personal transformation, which triggers company changes.
I invite you to trial the  Global Performance Index  today.