How do you find the ONE thing that’s holding you back  from Peak Performance ?

without stumbling through life, burning bridges and ruining opportunities as you discover your weaknesses one by one. 

What’s the one thing all high performing companies and teams have in common?

Strong leadership. Relentless reliability and innovation from the top down.

And that kind of leadership can only come from top execs who are authentic. Who understand how they work and lead best.

For most executives that means years and decades of trial and error until they find their center and “grow” an A-team around them. 

So how do you compress decades of learning . . . into months?

Global Performance Index

The Speedy Boarding of Performance Coaching

The GPI is the ONLY performance coaching tool that quantifies and measures your growth from who you are today to who you want to become.

It’s the most accurate way for you to get frank feedback with fast, effective solutions.

So you can perform at your best with proven tools and strategies backed by performance psychology and the best practices of elite performers.

The GPI measures every aspect of what makes you. . . YOU:


Growth - How you can develop yourself and achieve your full potential


Well-being - how well you’re treating yourself and preparing your physical self for high performance


Relationships - how well you connect with others who will help you achieve your vision and your legacy


Meaning - how deeply you believe and are committed to leaving your mark on the world

Everyday without your GPI is a day without direction and learning through trial and error.

There’s an easier and faster way to reach your peak.

The GPI helps you figure out:

What kind of leader you are, and the most effective way for you to lead your company to greatness
How to perform at your peak every day, using laser focus to solve problems in record time, assimilate vast chunks of material and prepare your team to execute on your plans
How to take complex high value decisions quickly, without anxiety, and even with limited information
How to best align, motivate, and manage your team so you can have record productivity across the company (not just in your corner office)
How to best balance your life and how you need to grow to reach the next level
Saving you 20+ years figuring these methods out yourself

The GPI in action:

How a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder found new reservoirs of performance, formed a better relationship with her co-founder and harmony between her work and home life

Meet Caroline – serial entrepreneur from France. She is the co-founder and Chief Marketing officer of a company with 100+ people

With 3 children and a growing business to handle, Caroline felt:

  • A lack of motivation in her day to day work
  • Relationship issues with the co-founder
  • Poor harmony between her professional & personal life – too much work.

The GPI Results Showed:

● High anxiety 90%
● Didn’t take enough time for herself 93%
● Had trouble with difficult conversations 93%
● Could embrace change easily 98%
● Kept in shape with regular exercise 95%
● Had strong personal values 98%

A 60 minute consultation later we discovered:

  • Caroline spends too much time at work on tasks she doesn’t find interesting, creating high anxiety and low motivation
  • This lack of focus makes her procrastinate, which means she works extra hours which reduces her family time. . .
  • . . . doesn’t let her take little time for herself. This makes her feels drained, and even more anxious. A repeating cycle
  • All this plus her struggle with difficult conversations created tension with her co-founder

The GPI offered quickly a clear path for Caroline to deeply understand herself on new levels:

  • Caroline is a perfectionist, so micromanaging everything isn’t a good idea. She’s decided to focus on what she’s good at – the artistic side – from now. And talk to her co-founder about how to manage everything else. The impact is a stronger alignment with what she loves, reduced procrastination, increased value for the company and a better work/life harmony.
  • And her co-founder issues? She feels a lack of confidence and courage, meaning she could not raise the points that she wanted to. The real issue though is her self-confidence, because that’s what enables expression, action and manifestation for what personally matters to you.
  • Caroline is also taking time for herself now. She’s decided to create a time window in the morning before starting her day just for meditation.
  • And finally she’s realized everything is connected. Her anxiety was connected to both her struggle with difficult conversations and her working on tasks she did not enjoy. The price was her family life.

When you have deep insights like this and a clear roadmap of what to do – transformation becomes easier.

Becoming a better leader becomes easier
Leading change and growth becomes easier
Because – finally – you’ve reached your authentic self

You have immense potential.

Will you activate it today or wait another 5 years?

How does it work?

  • When I start a coaching journey with a new client, they receive a questionnaire which includes 40+ markers covering Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit.
  • During the first session, we take a hard look at all the indicators which constitute our start point for the coaching journey.
  • The GPI allows my clients to understand a lot about themselves and personally observe patterns that may have been blocking them for years.
  • The GPI is a powerful indicator which, as a coach, allows me to save multiple sessions worth of time by clearly understanding my clients from the get-go. With the GPI, we dive straight at the core of who you are.

What are the benefits of the GPI?

  • The GPI gives you a clear picture of your current mental health
  • It arises self-awareness. In turn, the coach touches the areas you want to be coached on faster.
  • It measures the real impact of your transformation.
  • It also integrates a holistic view of your life –– Mind- Body-Heart-Spirit –– Forget personal and professional separations. This approach is 100% person centered – less driven by environments.