What is the Global Performance Index?


★★★★★ – 5/5


“Alex’s approach to coaching is holistic and powerful. Using his Global Performance Index I was able to see the measurable benefits of his coaching from the first session. Alex pushed me hard to work on both my strengths and my weaknesses, find direction and focus and, most importantly, fulfil potential I didn’t even know I had. 

Thanks to his experience working with professional footballers and business executives, he has already helped me make real, tangible changes (both work and personal) and he has given me the confidence and tools to develop my career even further. I would recommend him to any individual or business looking to be challenged and fulfil their potential, often beyond the scope of what they thought is possible.”


Lawyer, London, UK

Change how you think about coaching.

Start measuring your progresses.

Take control of your mental health

Welcome to
the Global Performance Index

The GPI brings clarity

to allow faster transformation.

“With a background in Finance, I like to measure results. Currently, this is missing in the coaching industry – People invest with no clear view on what has changed. I have created the Global Performance Index to holistically measure Performance transformations.

Mind – Body – Heart – Spirit.

After months of work and a multitude of iterations – I am proud to introduce a product which has been tested and vetted with specialists of the coaching industry.”

Alex Kergall

Think of it as the Speedy Boarding of coaching!

How does it work?
  • When I start a coaching journey with a new client, they receive a questionnaire which includes 40+ markers covering Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit.
  • During the first session, we take a hard look at all the indicators which constitute our start point for the coaching journey.
  • The GPI allows my clients to understand a lot about themselves and personally observe patterns that may have been blocking them for years.
  • The GPI is a powerful indicator which, as a coach, allows me to save multiple sessions worth of time by clearly understanding my clients from the get-go. With the GPI, we dive straight at the core of who you are.
What are the benefits of the GPI?
  • The GPI gives you a clear picture of your current mental health
  • It arises self-awareness. In turn, the coach touches the areas you want to be coached on faster.
  • It measures the real impact of your transformation.
  • It also integrates a holistic view of your life   –– Mind- Body-Heart-Spirit –– Forget personal and professional separations. This approach is 100% person centred – less driven by environments.