The GPI | Global Performance Index in practice

Here is a real case to help you understand how the GPI works

Caroline is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of a successful company in France.
She is the Artistic Director and coordinates over 100 people along with another co-founder.
With 3 children and a growing business to handle, Caroline felt it was time to get support from a coach.She wanted to cover the following key issues:

  • A lack of motivation in her day to day work
  • A relationship issue with the co-founder
  • A poor harmony between her professional & personal life – too much work.

Key markers coming from the GPI analysis:

Top 3 / lowest scores:

  • Mind: Anxiety
  • Body: Take time for yourself
  • Heart: Handle difficult conversations

Top 3/ highest scores:

  • Mind: Embrace change
  • Body: Regular practice of Sport
  • Spirit: Strong Values

Directions offered from the GPI:

The high scores coming from Caroline’s GPI are powerful.

Embrace change, critical to take her to the next level. In our following sessions, this has proved to be critical to progress.

Regular practice of Sport is extremely positive as she keeps her body in shape while eliminating negative energy and mental clutter.

Having strong values is also an important asset allowing her to be clear on what she wants.

These high scores are key, they are the foundation on which we can put our feet to reach the next level.

The low scores are equally important; they generally offer connections with the reason for hiring a coach. During our session, here are the key points that came out:

  • Caroline spends lots of her work time focusing on tasks that are not interesting, this is driving her low interest and anxiety to deliver on topics she is not interested and good at.
  • Her lack of focus, due to uninteresting tasks, makes her procrastinate and drives extra hours which are reducing her family time.
  • Caroline takes little time for herself. This does not allow her to replenish herself with more positive energy, she therefore feels drained, which creates ground for anxiety to grow.
  • Finally, her struggle to handle difficult situations has created some tension with the co-founder, which is itself a cause of anxiety.

Way Forward:

The GPI has offered a clear path for Caroline.  From the get-go, she can decide what she wants to progress on. During our coaching session, we focused on the underlying issues which could impact her current difficulties.

  • Anxiety: The emerged issues are a lack of focus and a poor work/life harmony. Caroline is a perfectionist and does not have time to manage everything. She has decided to re-focus her work time to add more value to her business. This will allow her to focus on what she is good at, the artistic side. She wants to discuss with the co-founder and see how they could make this change. The impact will be a stronger alignment with what she loves, reduced procrastination, increased value for the company and a better work/life harmony.

  • Handle difficult conversation: The emerged issue is her relationship with the co-founder. During the session, we discussed this: a lack of confidence and courage came up. Consequently, she could not raise the points that she wanted to. For her first action, Caroline has decided to clarify what her pain points were. She would then initiate a clear-cut conversation with the co-founder. As a coach, I knew that the following session would have to include a complete re-build of her self-confidence. Self-confidence enables expression, action and manifestation for what personally matters to you.

  • Take time for yourself: The emerged issues are the anxiety and the poor work/life harmony. During our session, we discussed the benefits of taking time for herself, which is to replenish her energy and be more efficient in her work. Caroline has then decided to create a window of time decicated to meditation in the morning before starting her day.

  • Connectors: The GPI also made it clear for Caroline that it was all connected. Her anxiety was connected to her difficulty to handle difficults situations and her working on tasks she did not really want to do. The consequence being a straight cost for her family life.

Immediate benefits of the GPI in this situation:

  • All the above was covered during the initial session. The GPI operates as a fast track to identify the underlying triggers and address emerged issues in Caroline’s life.
  • We can also immediately spot our assets to generate the transformation: “ability to embrace change” and “regular practice of sport” – we will work around these to tackle the low points.
  • The GPI offers the clarity to connect points which originally appeared disconnected.

End of coaching with the GPI

  • After the 3 or 6 months coaching period, the GPI is produced a second time. This allows to assess the progresses made during the coaching journey. On top of all the concrete changes, this allows us to look at the new mapping based on all the changes accomplished. We have a clear measure of the deep impact of coaching in Caroline’s coaching journey. The biggest improvements were on the three points above: Anxiety, taking time for herself and being able to manage difficult conversations.