I’m here to help you achieve
MORE than you ever thought
you were capable of

What I deeply appreciate with Alex’s coaching is the fact that he truly listens. He’s not trying to prove himself as a star coach but instead, he makes his client feel like a star. That makes all the difference.”
CEO – Savio
Are you frustrated with your performance? With the speed of your team’s delivery?
You aimed to be a high shot executive from the very start.


At your proudest moment – when you first became an exec – you thought you were getting a prestigious job, high pay, massive control, freedom and a chance to leave your mark on the world.
But today? 

Do you feel your job has become your life?


Are you so caught up in your work that you have no time for yourself, your family or your loved ones?


Is it hard to find meaning and purpose outside the office?

I know how it feels because I’ve been there myself

I too was clawing my way up the corporate ladder one rung at a time. I was handpicked as one of six (out of 2,000) employees identified as a ‘Future Leader’ of a top sport company.
It took me 15 years to admit the truth . . . that I had been “ cruising ” at the top echelons of the financial sector. Because that’s what I thought I had to do.
I wasn’t performing at my peak because I wasn’t doing this for me. I was working towards goals that didn’t align with who I was. Working towards the person I thought I wanted to be 15 years ago.
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I struggled just to get out of bed. Every morning.

I KNEW I had stuff to deal with but all I FELT was an emptiness…anxiety. And so I hit the snooze button instead.

I wanted to change. I wanted to do more. I wanted to be more.

I just didn’t know HOW. I watched lots of self-improvement videos on YouTube, spent hours to the self-help section of bookstores. Nothing stuck. I prayed for motivation. It never came. I attended seminars and conferences. Time I’ll never get back.

I’d never been so lost and afraid.

I needed meaning. I needed purpose. I needed clarity.

I needed to be able to feel proud of who I was.

I wanted to stop playing safe, because that’s no way to build a legacy. I wanted to shift my perspectives, connect with my intuitions and build something bigger than myself. Something that would outlive me and leave a legacy.


Take up some new-age pseudo-scientific “consciousness” mumbo-jumbo?

Leave my old life behind and move to Nepal so I could discover my inner spiritual self?

Plenty of burned out executives do that, but this wasn’t practical for me.

I worked with top executives and coaches to find some balance in my life. . . without turning it upside down.

I learned that you CAN find meaning in your life and work. And when you do you’re rewarded with massive growth in performance.

You’re rewarded with soaring confidence and the ability to create anything you want. Effortlessly.

You’re rewarded with leadership skills beyond what you thought you had. With the ability to get even the most stoic people excited in your vision.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Not just for yourself, but everyone around you.

All you need is clarity about yourself. It’s the age old question: “Who. Are. You? ”

I answered that for myself. And helped other top executives with similar pains and fears answer it for themselves. And I realized this is what I was meant to do.

That’s why I became a coach. So I could equip top executives and leaders like yourself to go out of their comfort zone and achieve the same transformations I had. Together we can go deep to generate the energy that will get you the best of who you are.

Measure. Improve. Repeat.

Coming from finance, I have a slightly different view of coaching. Yes, you have unlimited potential inside you . . .  but we will never be able to harness it if we don’t measure it. 
And that’s why I created the GPI – so you can always have clarity around your growth and the ROI of your investment.
Today the GPI has supported many Executives and dramatically impacted their P&L.

The 7 Values ​​of Top Performance

 Aiming for Excellence: Failure is part of the game.

 Breathing Innovation: Being curious is at the core of self-growth

Craving more: Feeling the sleeping power inside.

 Feeling good being alone: ​​Knowing that you can rely on yourself.

 Being solution-oriented: Mastering the art of delivering under difficult conditions.

 Being action-focused: There is a time to think and a time to act.

 Being aware that there is more: Whatever the name you use

(God, Chi, the Force, the Light…), this may be part of the journey

You were born for greatness

Here’s how you become the hero of your own story

If you’re still struggling with performance, with a team that isn’t effective enough. . . despite trying every productivity hack you can think ok. . .

. . . then chances are you’re too focused on the mechanics of the job, and not enough on yourself. On the “WHY” behind the job.

All these hacks are just tools – they’re nothing without the right person to wield them.

If you’re going to leave your mark you need to start with a clear picture of who you are, how you perform, how you drive yourself and what your weaknesses are.

I call it the Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit connection.

My proprietary system for achieving record breaking performance – The Global Performance Index (GPI) – helps you measure where you are in each of these 4 areas. So you know EXACTLY what to work on instead of a vague and nebulous sense of “self-improvement.”


Growth - How you can develop yourself and achieve your full potential


Relationships - how well you connect with others who will help you achieve your vision and your legacy


Well-being - how well you’re treating yourself and preparing your physical self for high performance


Meaning - how deeply you believe and are committed to leaving your mark on the world

Claim your Complimentary GPI Session

Do you believe you’re ready to achieve new heights of performance?

Then this is your chance to start, and it might be the most important decision you make this year.

Your ability to confidently and consistently perform in any situation (no matter how volatile), and your ability to get your team to do the same is at the heart of everything you’ll accomplish in 2020 and beyond.

So here’s how I’ll get you there – with a free 60 minute GPI session where you can quantify who you are across 4 areas – mind, body, heart, spirit.

I believe you can be much more than who you are today. And I’d like to get you there.

“A rich experience, most importantly a very effective one, based on action and the implementation of transformative routines. This coaching was perfectly in line with my expectations. Alex is a bright coach with great energy and kindness. I recommend +++”

AC Ruel – Founder Maison Margaret