What Is The Difference Between Coaching Mentoring and Counseling?

  • Mentoring focuses on providing advice in the field where you need support.
  • Counselling is mostly focused on the past and its understanding.
  • Coaching is about the present, the action and the future. It is based on self-reflection and change – not advice.

The common ground here is the empathy shared by all practitioners. The ability to create a safe space and generate trust is critical to efficiently support clients.

If you have suffered a deep trauma in your past, you will most likely look for counselling. If deeper negative past experiences stop you from moving forward, you should then talk to a therapist. Once this is behind, you will be in a good position to move forward. This is where coaching will become helpful.

Mentoring is different from counseling and coaching in the sense that the mentor focuses on sharing his own expertise. Mentors are experienced people who have to gain great exposure in specific industries.