High Performance is a branch of coaching which is dedicated to reaching peak performance.
This is inspired by the sporting world. Professional Athletes are expected to reach a Performance that is out of the ordinary. This coaching is intensive and transformational.
It requires a holistic approach: Personal life and professional life are intrinsically connected.

The coach embraces a holistic approach
because all the details are important to reach High Performance.

The Coach must have sufficient experience to coach around multiple coaching fields: Family coaching, Couple/Relationship coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Executive Coaching…

Personal and professional worlds have no more meaning. High Performance requires to have extraordinary skills and very few “energy leakage”. The coach will make an initial 360 assessment (using a tool like the Global Performance Index). From this assessment, the coach will have a clear view of the improvement points. Importantly, the coach will be able to connect to the Performance certain markers that would originally not be considered.

We often assimilate Executives to Corporate Athletes. With our fast-paced environment, it is critical to stay balanced. Being Balanced is the only way to stay in the game. By staying in the game you are being perseverant, which is one of the attributes to reach mastery. How can you stay in the game without looking after yourself?