The results of coaching are most often felt. It is difficult to be precise.
Measuring the impact of coaching is a challenge for the entire coaching industry.
The start point is to clearly assess where you are and where you want to go.
The Global Performance Index is a tool that offers a great solution.

Emotions are by nature expressed consciously or unconsciously. See how poker players must keep their “poker face” to not share their intentions. After  a coaching session , clients feel powerful, ready for new challenges, their emotional energy is boosted. The role of the coach is to bring back to the surface what is not apparent. From there, powerful conversation is created. While this is all positive, how do you make sense of this? How does this translate into a deep change? How do I know if this really works?

This is one of the biggest challenges of coaching:

What has changed & How can I see it?

You can only improve what you measure. The Global Performance Index  is an interesting tool to measure your improvements. It includes 40+ markers Mind- Body-Heart and Spirit. It gives you a clear-cut assessment of where you are. At the end of your journey, you take the questionnaire one more time – you can clearly see your improvement in multiple areas: Mental strength, Physical stamina, Emotional stability, Directional clarity.