“Coaching is a conversation-based approach to moving someone from where they are to where they want to be. Along the way, coaching creates clarity of purpose and direction, challenges limiting beliefs and self-talk, and encourages clients to move towards a successful resolution of their issues, challenges, and opportunities.”
Animas Coaching

“Coaching is a journey of reflection, discovery, and self-awareness combined with action, motivation and goal orientation where required. It is unique in its focus on solutions over problems within the framework of personal discovery” – Animas center for coaching

Coaching helps focus on what is important for you, this in turns generates faster success. A direct consequence of coaching is being able to build personal foundations in a world where so much is possible. Coaching takes you into a more balanced and aligned sense of who you are. With deeper foundations, you are well positioned to succeed in what you want to achieve.

You can be coached on many topics. It depends on what you want to achieve. It can be related to your working time (Business / Executive coaching) and/or your personal time (Life coaching).

In both approaches, the coach will focus on identifying your blind spots and limiting beliefs. Blind spots are the elements that you cannot see clearly about yourself. Limiting beliefs are self-imposed restrictions you have subconsciously created. Both are often easy to notice for others but difficult to see and address for yourself.

“The aim is to not only experience peak performance in our own lives but to create a legacy and achieve fulfillment in the process.”

– Alex Kergall