What is traiching?

"Traiching" is a learning approach coined
in 2018 by Performance Coach Alex Kergall.

Traiching marries the aspects of training & coaching. General knowledge is captured as a group
within training; it is then followed up by individual coaching sessions to create a deeper imprint.

Group training is powerful because you learn with peers, allowing you to create a connection around a shared topic. Psychologists tell us that you are unlikely to change your habits after a regular training session, the brain requires a deeply emotional experience or repetitions to retain knowledge. While Businesses invest billions each year in training, the return on investment is rarely measured. Neuroscience also tells us that our focus dramatically decreases after 90 minutes of training.

While we want to retain the power of group learning displayed within training, we also want to limit it to 90 minutes while adding extra personal time with a coach.

One on one coaching is a perfect way to give space and attention to each individual who attended the training session. The coaching session is focused on personal growth and the specific topics covered during the training. Finally, the coaching session ends with actions to ensure change takes place.