There are 3 keys reasons:

  • We are currently experiencing a massive societal transformation.
  • Everyone has blind spots.
  • Coaching is a powerful answer to support people who want to grow.

Over the last 50 years, we have been witnessing a massive societal transformation. So many innovations have changed our day to day lives. This has created a more individualistic society with better fluidity for people to do what they want. Options are now seemingly limitless; with this quest for happiness and wellbeing, coaching offers a way to channel people’s aspirations.

Everyone has blind spots; we are good to notice them for others, but it is difficult to see them for ourselves.  Blind spots often come in the way of our personal development. This is why coaching is an extraordinary tool to debug fears and limiting beliefs. With a specific focus on the present, the action and the future, coaching addresses a real need.

Coaching is a powerful and successful approachThe International coach federation, which is the most recognised coaching body in the world, produced a survey in 2017 which confirms the momentum of coaching: “When considering the coaching received, 88% of consumers reported that they were somewhat or very satisfied with the coaching experience.”