Are you currently performing at your highest level?

I support High Performers, Executives & CEOs to dramatically increase their performance.
The Global Performance Index ( GPI) is a holistic Mind - Body - Heart - Spirit assessment. In this 60-minute video-call you will receive clarity on your holistic performance level & assess immediate next step – The session is confidential, free and exclusively for High Performer, Executives and CEOs.

What would you give for extraordinary performance?

  • Is the burden of work costing you your personal life? 

  • Are you frustrated with your team? Your board? Yourself?

  • Do you keep getting stuck in the same spots with the same inner barriers? Knowing deep down you can do better.

  • With the feeling of playing too small out of fear of failure?

What is the solution?

No need for motivation, therapy or wishy-washy positive thinking. You want clear feedback with fast, effective solutions.

That’s where I come in.

I coach you to help you consistently perform at your best so you can perform while finding balance in your life.

I do this by using proven tools and strategies backed by neuroscience, performance psychology and the best practices of elite performers.

You could spend a while figuring these performance methods out by yourself, but I’ve coached many top Executives, so you will be in good hands with me!

No one has left a first coaching session unchanged.

Within 60 Minutes Discover: 

Your blindspots in the most important areas of your life:

Your Growth Potential: What is mentally holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Your Overall Physical Well-Being: How well you are treating yourself and preparing your physical self for high performance.

Your Relationships: How well you are connecting with others. What is your level of influence?​

Meaning - What would you like to be remembered for?

Each area is measured using The GPI (The Global Performance Index).

The GPI is a unique tool I have developed while coaching High Performers. It offers clarity as to where you stand today and visually make it obvious what performance areas have to be worked on.

You will view a bespoke report, customized to who you are today. This report will enable you to efficiently incorporate into your daily routine the required changes to get the results you desire.

“Methods from a direct, action focused, result oriented, no chit-chat performance specialist.”

Receive a 1-1 complimentary GPI session, which includes your personal report:

About Alex:

Hi I’m Alex Kergall – High Performance Coach and the founder of the Global Performance Index (GPI).

I help High Performers and top Executives develop and live happier lives.

Coming from a finance background, I have a unique view of how coaching should be delivered. Yes, you have huge potential, but we will never be able to harness it if we don’t measure it.

And that’s why I created the Global Performance Index – so you can always have clarity around your growth and the ROI of your investment.

Today the GPI has supported many Executives from various countries – helping them to dramatically develop themselves personally and professionally.

With the GPI, you eliminate all the guesswork and embrace your ideal Leadership style.

Ready for more performance, more influence and less stress?

Reach new heights of daily performance… by eliminating your limiting beliefs and mastering performance strategies.

Use laser focus to solve problems in record time… assimilate vast chunks of material and prepare your team to execute on your plans.

Take complex high value decisions… intuitively – even with limited information – while analysts continue racking their brains and collecting data over weeks.

Break through glass ceilings… and propel yourself to the front of the line, by embracing your ideal leadership style and leave your mark on the world.

Get everyone on board with your vision – from the board and C-suite employees to the junior staff – so you can build your legacy.

Manage intense pressure… that would break a lesser leader without letting it affect your personal life.

Unlock the secret long-suspected power of your team.

ATTENTION: My coaching is for people who deeply want to improve.

Here are the most common changes reported after The GPI Report:

 Increased productivity that let you create minor ROI miracles all day long and spend more time with your family.

A newfound calmer state of mind – everyone’s work gains momentum, and every exhausting decision becomes effortless.

Getting clarity about how you work best, the true limits of your potential and the best way for you to achieve your dreams with least resistance.

Regularly achieving a flow state where you have energized focus – Challenges feel like achievements-in-waiting rather than frustrations out to ruin your day.

Possessing a firm belief that you can create whatever you choose effortlessly.

Having a deep sense of purpose, and more importantly a deep sense of being heard and understood.

Having confidence and the courage and compassion to share your vision with your team, your board, your peers, holding nothing back.

Achieving credibility as an influencer and thought leader, instead of yet another overpaid suit who’s only looking out for his own good.

What others say:

Most performance and productivity techniques you’ve tried only help you reach a slightly higher plateau.

That’s because these techniques are just stopgaps. They don’t address your real problems – unreliable team members, so little time, so much uncertainty, board’s trust issues, supply chain issues, changing economies, or unpredictable competitors with deep pockets.

These are not issues you can solve reading instructions off a management book.  Or a podcast titled “the only 14 productivity techniques you’ll ever need.”

Tackling these challenges requires strong leadership, not hacks and stopgaps.

Results from Coaching with Alex:

From an unbalanced & anxious lifestyle to an efficient, more relaxed and balanced wellbeing.

“I quickly realised that the anxiety & frustration were coming from a lack of direction. This also created physical disorders with sleep deprivation & bad eating habits.” From there we crafted a powerful and inspiring vision and got into action.  

Just 3 sessions later – all the markers had dramatically changed. She was back in the game. 

Today she is a striving entrepreneur selling in more than 25 countries.

From a lack of drive to become an organised and vibrant Leader

This serial entrepreneur was a co-founder and Chief marketing Officer for a company of 100+ employees. With 3 children and a growing business to handle, she was struggling with lack of motivation in her day to day work, relationship issue with her co-founder, and poor work life balance.

The GPI pointed out the real problems – anxiety with difficult conversations, people pleasing, and procrastination through perfectionism.

3 months of targeted coaching later, she was taking time for herself and her children. Her relationship with her co-founder was much more transparent. Her company has grown, and she could achieve more revenue with less hours in the office, by focusing on what she found most interesting and did best.

Do you want to smash through glass ceilings and conquer your performance? 

Without working 13 hours a day feeling like your life, your health, your loved ones, and everything that makes life worth living slip away…

I know you can be much more than you are today. I believe you have untapped depths of energy and performance.

I know you don’t need to sacrifice your personal growth, or quality time with your family and friends for performance at your job.

I know you CAN have a wonderful and fulfilling life

Simply put, your ability to confidently and consistently perform in any situation (no matter how volatile) is the key enabler of everything you’ll accomplish in 2020 and beyond.

Here is how I’ll get you there – with a free 60 minute GPI session where you can quantify who you are across 4 areas – mind, body, heart, spirit.