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What would you give for extraordinary performance
without letting work take over your life?

“Alex’s coaching, insight and accountability were the best I’ve experienced from a coach.
Even when I thought there was little to discuss, time spent with Alex yielded superb insights and results.” 

CEO, Green technology, London
  • Is the burden of work costing you your personal life? Your happiness?
  • Are you frustrated with your team? Your board? Yourself?
  • Do you keep getting stuck in the same spots and meeting the same barriers knowing deep down you could do better (just not how?)
  • Do you experience the pressure on your shoulders no one else can see? With the shame of how small you’re playing. . . out of fear that you’re not the right person for the job and will be found out?

You don’t need motivation, therapy or wishy-washy positive thinking. You want frank feedback with fast, effective solutions.

That’s where I come in.

I coach you to consistently perform at your best using proven tools and strategies backed by neuroscience, performance psychology and the best practices of elite performers.

No one has left the first session with me unchanged.

Here are the most common changes reported:

 Increased productivity that let you create minor ROI miracles all day long and spend more time with your family
A newfound zen-like state around the office  – everyone’s work gains momentum, and every exhausting decision becomes effortless
Regularly achieving a flow state where you have energized focus – you can’t be distracted and challenges feel like achievements-in-waiting rather than frustrations out to ruin your day
Possessing a firm belief that you can create whatever you choose effortlessly
Having a deep sense of purpose, and more importantly a deep sense of being heard and understood
Having soaring confidence and the courage and compassion to share your vision with your team, your board, your peers, holding nothing back
Getting clarity about how you work best , the true limits of your potential and the best way for you to achieve your dreams with least resistance
Achieving credibility as an influencer and thought leader , instead of yet another overpaid suit who’s only looking out for his own good

what's holding you back?

Find out today. Receive a 1-1 complimentary GPI session which includes your personal report 
that will give you 100% clear clarity to take you to your next level.

You could spend 10 years figuring these performance methods out by yourself,
but I’ve done that already so you don’t have to.

“Coaching with Alex is a life-changing experience. In the space of 6 months, Alex gave me the strength and confidence to implement amazing drastic changes in my life that I was unable to do alone. Highly recommended.

Executive, Sport Industry, Madrid

more performance
more influence
less stress

Methods from a direct, action focused, result oriented, no chit-chat performance specialist.

About Alex:

Hi I’m Alex Kergall – High Performance Coach and the founder of the Global Performance Index (GPI).
I help top executives grow their companies and live happier lives.
Coming from finance, I have a slightly different view of coaching. Yes, you have unlimited potential inside you, but we will never be able to harness it if we don’t measure it. 
And that’s why I created the Global Performance Index (GPI) – so you can always have clarity around your growth and the ROI of your investment.
Today the GPI has supported Executives and dramatically impacted their P&L.
Without the GPI, you might waste 10 years of your life trying to figure out who you are and how you can achieve your highest potential.
With the GPI, you eliminate all the guesswork and embrace your ideal style of leadership, work, and decision making.

What others say:

Alex coached me through a time of transition and confusion. Every time we had our coaching sessions I would leave feeling lighter and with more clarity. He’s a great thinking partner – helped me put things into perspective, be more disciplined in planning and doing to Very helpful discussing aspects of my life professionally, personally, socially. It gave me strength and courage to pursue my goals with haste and speed. Thank you!”

CEO, Online services, Rio

Live and work like a rockstar exec. . . without spending 15 years figuring out how the top CEOs do it

Most performance and productivity techniques you’ve tried only help you reach a slightly higher plateau.

That’s because these techniques are just stopgaps. They don’t address your real problems – unreliable team members, so little time, so much uncertainty, board’s trust issues, supply chain issues, changing economies, or unpredictable competitors with deep pockets.

These are not issues you can solve reading instructions off a management book. Or a podcast titled “the only 14 productivity techniques you’ll ever need”.

Tackling these challenges requires strong leadership, not hacks and stopgaps.

Introducing Global Performance Index – the Speedy Boarding of Performance Coaching

GPI isn’t just motivation and a few life hacks. This isn’t therapy or wishy-washy positive thinking. I know the kind of stress you’re under and I know you want frank feedback with fast, effective solutions.

That’s why GPI offers science based, customized and time efficient program that you will be able to incorporate into your daily routine.

So you can perform at your best with proven tools and strategies backed by neuroscience, performance psychology and the best practices of elite performers.

GPI is the ONLY performance coaching tool that quantifies and measures your growth from who you are today to who you want to become.

The only tool for executives that helps you grow in every aspect of who you are:


Growth - How you can develop yourself and achieve your full potential


Well-being - how well you’re treating yourself and preparing your physical self for high performance


Relationships - how well you connect with others who will help you achieve your vision and your legacy


Meaning - how deeply you believe and are committed to leaving your mark on the world

With Performance Coaching using GPI you too can:

Reach new heights of daily performance , by eliminating your limiting beliefs and mastering performance strategies customized for the way you work best and your leadership style
Use laser focus to solve problems in record time , assimilate vast chunks of material and prepare your team to execute on your plans
take complex high value decisions intuitively – even with limited information – while analysts continue racking their brains and collecting data over weeks
Break through glass ceilings and propel yourself to the front of the line, by embracing your ideal leadership style and leave your mark on the world
Get everyone on board with your vision – from the board and C-suite employees to the janitorial staff – so you can build your legacy 
Manage intense pressure that would break a lesser leader without letting it affect your personal life
Unlock the secret , long-suspected power of your team

Alex’s approach to coaching is holistic and powerful. Using his Global Performance Index I was able to see the measurable benefits of his coaching from the first session. Alex pushed me hard to work on both my strengths and my weaknesses, find direction and focus and, most importantly, fulfill potential I didn’t even know I had. His experience of working with business executives, he has already helped me make real, tangible changes (both work and personal) and he has given me the confidence and tools to develop my career even further. I would recommend him to any individual or business looking to be challenged and fulfill their potential, often beyond the scope of what they thought is possible.

Lawyer, London


… because they’re exactly the kind of results you can expect from coaching with Alex and GPI

From the corporate world to becoming a highly regarded top African Entrepreneur

“I quickly realized that the anxiety & frustration were coming from a lack of direction. This also created physical disorders with sleep deprivation & bad eating habits.” From there we crafted a powerful and inspiring vision and got into action.  

Just 3 sessions later all the markers had dramatically changed. She was back in the game. 

Today she is a striving entrepreneur selling in more than 25 countries.

From being lost in life to finding purpose and setting up a successful company!

This serial entrepreneur was a co-founder and Chief marketing Officer for a company of 100+ employees.

With 3 children and a growing business to handle, she was struggling with lack of motivation in her day to day work, relationship issue with her co-founder, and poor work life balance.

The GPI pointed out the real problems – anxiety with difficult conversations, taking on work she did not find interesting, and procrastination through perfectionism.

3 months of targeted coaching later, she was taking time for herself and her children. Her relationship with her co-founder was much more transparent. Her company has grown, and she could achieve more revenue with less hours in the office, by focusing on what she found most interesting and did best.

Do you want to smash through glass ceilings and conquer your performance? 

Without working 13 hours a day feeling like your life, your health, your loved ones, and everything that makes life worth living slip away…

I believe you can be much more than you are today. I believe you have untapped depths of energy and performance.

I believe you don’t need to sacrifice your personal growth, or quality time with your family and friends for performance at your job.

I believe you CAN have a wonderful and fulfilling life while climbing up the professional ladder and building a reputation as the most valuable person in the room.

Simply put, your ability to confidently and consistently perform in any situation (no matter how volatile), and your ability to get the most out of your team is the key enabler of everything you’ll accomplish inside your business in 2020 and beyond.

So here’s how I’ll get you there – with a free 60 minute GPI session where you can quantify who you are across 4 areas – mind, body, heart, spirit.

This is not a discount or a freebie. This is my investment in you.

“A rich experience, most importantly a very effective one, based on action and the implementation of transformative routines. This coaching was perfectly in line with my expectations. Alex is a bright coach with great energy and kindness. I recommend +++”

Founder and CEO – Online apparel – France